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DAVID G. SIGALE SELECTED TO ILLINOIS SUPER LAWYERS LIST FOR FIFTH CONSECUTIVE YEAR David G. Sigale has been selected through peer review and a rigorous selection process to the Illinois Super Lawyer list for 2016, which recognizes him among the top 5% of attorneys in Illinois. This is the fifth year in a row he has received this prestigious honor. Read the Full Story
LAW FIRM OF DAVID G. SIGALE WINS INJUNCTION AGAINST DISCRIMINATORY MONTANA STATUTE     The Law Firm of David G. Sigale has prevailed in a lawsuit challenging the enforcement of a Montana state statute barring non-citizens from carrying concealed firearms for self-defense.  Sigale obtained a preliminary injunction against the law, which the Montana State Legislature then repealed. In the case of Lenka Knutson v. Curry, the United State District Court Judge held that the statute violated the Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection rights of the Plaintiffs.  According to Sigale, “This is yet another example of how arbitrary discrimination against people who are lawfully in the Country, and who are law-abiding and have strong community ties to boot, will continue to be challenged in Court.  As in the other cases where this law firm has successfully challenged such discrimination, the Plaintiffs in this case cannot be deprived of equal rights to self-defense.” Read the Full Story
LAW FIRM OF DAVID G. SIGALE WINS PERMANENT INJUNCTION AGAINST STATE OF ARKANSAS The Law Firm of David G. Sigale has obtained a permanent injunction against the enforcement of an Arkansas statute barring non-citizens from carrying concealed firearms for self-defense. Read the Full Story
LAW FIRM OF DAVID G. SIGALE, P.C. WINS EZELL GUN RANGE CASE FOR SECOND TIME The Law Firm of David G. Sigale, with co-counsel Alan Gura, has prevailed in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals for the second time in the Chicago gun range case - Ezell v. City of Chicago.  The Court ruled that the City's zoning and distance restrictions for gun ranges, which effectively left nowhere in the City for them to open, was an unconstitutional violation of the Second Amendment.  The Court also found that a restriction barring anyone under 18 years of age from training at a firing range with a parent, guardian, or instructor, also violated the Second Amendment. This decision concludes seven years of litigation, and comes six years after the Seventh Circuit's first decision in Ezell, where the City's outright ban on firing ranges was struck down. According to Sigale, “There is a need and desire among the law-abiding residents of Chicago for locations to train and maintain proficiency with forearms for self-defense purposes.  Hopefully, following the Court's decision in Ezell, there will soon be places to do so.” Read the Full Story


2014 Gun Rights Policy Conference

Attorney David G. Sigale was part of a panel at the recent 2014 Gun Rights Policy Conference in Chicago, sponsored by the Second Amendment Foundation.

The panel included noted Second Amendment advocate Alan Gura, with whom Sigale co-counseled in McDonald v. Chicago, Moore v. Madigan and Ezell v. Chicago, as well as other noted litigators of Second Amendment cases.  Earlier that day, Sigale was awarded the Gun Rights Defender of the Year by the Citizens’ Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, for his work in the field.

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