Practice Areas Litigation and Appeals

Litigation and Appeals

Civil Rights and Constitutional Law

The Firm provides aid to those whose constitutional rights and civil liberties have been infringed upon by governmental authority. These include, but are not limited to, the freedoms of speech, religion and association, and the rights to privacy, equal protection and due process. If you are an individual or other entity who believes the government has interfered with your fundamental constitutional rights, contact the Firm for consultation.

Business Litigation

When you are running a business, disputes may range from the “nuisance of doing business” to those where the future of the company depends on the outcome. In either case, and those in between, your company needs an attorney that will guide you to creative and cost-effective solutions to your legal problems. The Firm’s clients are corporations and individual businesspersons with disputes in courthouses throughout the Chicago area. Examples of business disputes in which services may be provided are:

  • Contractual disputes
  • Unfair competition and restrictive covenants
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Collections
  • Antitrust violations

Personal Injury and General Liability

Attorney David G. Sigale is experienced in aiding people who are injured by the negligence or reckless conduct of others, including the following examples:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Premises Liability, whether by slip-and-fall, failure to provide safety measures or proper security, or other means
  • Dog or animal bite incidents
  • Defective products.
  • Defamation and other intentional acts.
  • Invasions of Privacy.
  • DReal Estate disputes.

Though these scenarios occur every day and are common filings in your area courthouses, they are complex types of litigation requiring an experienced attorney to counsel you and take your case from initial negotiations to filing suit to trial or settlement. The Firm has the required experience, diligence and creativity to achieve a maximum recovery for your injuries.

Appellate Litigation

Litigating appeals is a complicated and tricky business, with very technical rules, and requires the knowledge of how to present the proper issues to the respective Appellate Court. The Firm is well-versed in the appellate litigation of civil matters in a wide variety of legal areas. These matters include those where the firm was involved in the trial court proceedings, and those where the firm is retained after the trial court proceedings have taken place. The Firm stays current on procedural and substantive changes in the law so as to consistently provide the highest quality representation.

Employment Discrimination

Losing your job is a traumatic experience, and you need an experienced attorney to discuss your options. If you have been terminated from your place of employment, and if you believe the reason for the termination is based on age, race, religion, gender or disability, or other wrongful reasons, you should immediately contact the Firm for a consultation. Though your former employer may have stated a different reason, or even no reason at all, for your termination, this does not mean there is not an illegal reason under the surface, or that there is not a valid Title VII or other claim. Your time to pursue such claims with the appropriate agency or in court is extremely limited, so if you think this situation applies to you please contact the Firm immediately.