Firm Files Second Amendment Challenge for Illinois Home Day Care Licensees

Attorney David G. Sigale, who specializes in Second Amendment law, has filed a lawsuit under the Second and Fourteenth Amendments to a State law and Illinois Department of Children and Family Services rules, which ban handgun possession by day care home licensees.  Shelbyville, Illinois residents Jennifer and Darin Miller have FOID cards, concealed carry licenses, and a licensed day care home during the daytime.  While the Millers have no objection to the statute under the Concealed Carry Act that a handgun be locked away when day care children are in the home, they brought this legal challenge to the requirement they remove them from the home entirely, lest they lose their day care license.  The Second Amendment Foundation, Illinois State Rifle Association, and Illinois Carry are co-Plaintiffs.  The suit is now pending in the Central District of Illinois federal Court in Springfield.

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